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What's new in 2018!

What's a new year without new things like, resolutions, goals and new beginnings? I am super excited about 2018 and all of the fresh potential that it holds! For starters, my new ink art!I can't wait to share with you many new ink paintings! Actually, I am putting together an entire series! Most of them are not ready to share yet but, I think you are going to love them! I am also hoping to have these new ink paintings in a gallery before the year is out. What about the watercolors you are fond of? They are going to be in several new exhibits and in new locations this year. Artwork viewed in person is so much better than on...

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The Last Frontier

It is such an honor to have my paintings grace the pages of The Last Frontier Magazine.  This magazine is full of Alaska’s beautiful scenery, interesting people, and Alaskan adventures. I was beyond excited when they told me they wanted to feature my paintings! Seeing my paintings in this stunning publication is an absolute privilege. Do you have a copy? Leave a comment below, I'd love to know what you think. 

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Mountains...when in their presence they seem to radiate a calm and powerful strength. Most artists that paint portraits of people try to capture the essence of the person as well as the likeness. To me, capturing the essence of mountains is a challenge, but it’s a challenge that I love! Mountains have such a regal magnificence, and it’s not easy to portray that in a painting. I really wanted to capture the essence of one of my favorite mountains, Denali. Why is it my favorite? Probably because it is so gigantic and gorgeous! It is the largest mountain in North America! Alaskan natives named it Denali because it means “the great one.” You can’t beat a name like that so...

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Framing your new piece

(Master study of Bouguereau by Rita Harvey) There are no set rules to having your artwork framed but you may not know where to start. I have put together some general guidelines to help you display your new piece so that it is protected and has a harmonious look. Throughout the whole framing process, keep in mind this question: will this compliment the painting? Your end goal is to frame the piece to complement the painting so that it is an extension of the painting.  When looking at art you don’t want to see the frame first or to immediately notice a brightly colored mat. Ideally, the mat, frame and artwork should be viewed together as one whole piece.  With...

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What is my inspiration?

Its amazing moments like this one.  While standing high on a mountain, a large, swift cloud came in, engulfing everything in a misty blanket of white.  The cloud felt like the breath of the mountains moving my hair in its breeze as it enveloped all things in sight. The air was charged with power and yet felt serene all at once.  It was completely exhilarating!  In that moment there was a realization of just how very small I am on this earth, yet connected.  This is what inspires me…nature.  Our beautiful, living, natural world.

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