About The Artist

Capturing the Essence of Nature in Every Brushstroke

Have you ever been captivated by the beauty and vitality of the outdoors? If so, you're not alone. I, too, have found inspiration in the wonders of nature. When I paint, it's like bottling a breeze or preserving a moment of pure energy. While I can't bottle it for you, I've dedicated my artistry to encapsulating those fleeting moments in bursts of inspiration and vibrant splashes of paint. 

A Journey from Alaska to Watercolors

My journey as an artist began in the awe-inspiring landscapes of Alaska. Growing up amidst its natural splendor instilled in me a deep reverence for the environment. This connection to nature became the bedrock of my artistry. 

I embarked on my artistic odyssey during my college years at Missouri State University, where I pursued a degree in Fine Arts. It was there that I discovered my profound passion for watercolors. After graduating, I ventured into the world of production art, crafting hand-painted lamps, mirrors, and home décor at Guild Master. Later, I painted murals for a decade. 

Recognitions and Achievements

I'm humbled to have had my artwork featured in The Last Frontier Magazine. Additionally, I've been honored with awards from the Missouri Watercolor Society and Springfield Regional Arts Council, recognition that fuels my artistic spirit.

A Quest for Serenity and Bliss

In a world that often rushes by, I aspire to bring serenity and calm through my artwork, just as powerful artworks have done for me. It's my mission to infuse more peace into our world. My hope is that each stroke of my brush offers you a moment of bliss, a chance to pause, and a glimpse into the beauty of nature and life itself. 

Thank you for sharing in my artistic journey, and I look forward to creating more moments of tranquility and inspiration through my paintings. 


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"Oh my god . . . it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! LOVE it so much!!! It brought tears to my eyes." - Leslie -  Colorado

"Hi Julia! I received the painting and it is soooo beautiful! You really captured her! Wow!! So pleased thank you sooo much!" xo - Maggie - California

"It makes my heart happy.  Julia Barger, you are an amazing artist and a better person. Thank you!" - Mandy - Missouri