Welcome! I'm Julia, and I make art to enrich your space with peace and beauty. Click here to get a gift card for your loved one!

About The Artist

What is that beautiful spark of energy that feels alive in an outdoor breeze? If I could bottle it up for you, I would. Instead, I’ve captured it as best I can in bursts of inspiration and splashes of paint.

I was fortunate to have grown up surrounded by the splendor and magic of Alaska. Living in such a beautiful place instilled in me a reverence for nature. As a result, my paintings are infused with outdoor inspiration.

The path art has taken me on has been such an adventure! It was in college that I discovered a passion for watercolors while pursuing my degree in Fine Arts at Missouri State University. After college I worked as a production artist for Guild Master, a place that makes hand painted lamps, mirrors, and home décor and later painted murals for about 10 years.

Over the years my art has evolved and I continually explore new approaches and mediums, striving to use the luminosity and vibrance of my materials to their full potential. Inks and resin have become a new passion of mine! I love that they have many of the wonderful qualities of watercolor. It’s when I let the light shine through that my paintings radiate beauty.

I’m thankful to have had my artwork featured in The Last Frontier Magazine, as well as receive awards from Missouri Watercolor Society and Springfield Regional Arts Council.

I strive for my artwork to bring serenity to people, like many powerful artworks do. It’s important to me to add more peace into our world. It is my sincere hope that my paintings offer you a moment of bliss.



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"Oh my god . . . it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! LOVE it so much!!! It brought tears to my eyes." - Leslie -  Colorado

"Hi Julia! I received the painting and it is soooo beautiful! You really captured her! Wow!! So pleased thank you sooo much!" xo - Maggie - California

"It makes my heart happy.  Julia Barger, you are an amazing artist and a better person. Thank you!" - Mandy - Missouri