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Looking for the perfect photo?

Here are three things to think about when deciding on the reference photo for your watercolor portrait.

  • Good lighting - Does your pet's eyes and fur show their true colors?

  • Distance from the camera - Is your pet's face clear or hard to see?  

  • Clarity - Can the direction of your pet's fur be seen clearly? 

When taking your pet's picture find a place that he enjoys, this will keep him relaxed and let his character shine through. You can use squeaky toys or treats in one hand and take pictures with the other. This will keep his attention and show off his personality. 
If you are limited on photographs because your pet has sadly passed away, please don’t worry. Just send me the best ones you have, and we will work together to find one that is just right.
I will need to see photos of your pet before I accept your commission, so I can make sure I can work from your photos.
I am here to help! If you’d like help picking out a reference photo, please don’t hesitate to contact me! 
Would you like more ideas on taking a fantastic photo of your pet? I've made a guide just for you! Click here for photo tips on how to take super pet pictures!