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Baby Ruth 8" x 10" Print

Baby Ruth 8" x 10" Print

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This delightful baby porcupine patiently awaits her treats.

This baby porcupine was found near Homer, AK. It was very apparent she was being hand-fed and would often follow people around looking for food. Since she was habituated with people, and is still very young, she was picked up by the ADF&G and brought to Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. This is a valuable lesson on why it is discouraged to ever feed wildlife. Animals quickly become reliant on humans and will no longer fend for themselves. Baby Ruth is now in the care of AWCC. Baby Ruth loves her new home, walking on her back legs to ask for food.

This is an unframed 8" x  10" print.

Each giclee print is made of high quality inks on 100% cotton watercolor paper.  (The watermark of @juliabagerart does not appear on the giclee prints.)

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