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Artemis 8" x 10" Print

Artemis 8" x 10" Print

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Beautiful, big, brown eyes dance with mischief and curiosity. 

Artemis is a muskox calf that was found orphaned after a grizzly bear killed two adult muskoxen within her heard. The rest of her herd scattered, and Artemis was left alone. She was found hunkering under a raised building on a North Slope oil field in Alaska. With the help of many teams, Artemis was brought to safety and she now lives in Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center where she loves running zoomies when feeling spunky!

This is an unframed 8" x  10" print.

Each giclee print is made of high quality inks on 100% cotton watercolor paper.  (The watermark of @juliabagerart does not appear on the giclee prints.)

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