Mountains...when in their presence they seem to radiate a calm and powerful strength.

Most artists that paint portraits of people try to capture the essence of the person as well as the likeness. To me, capturing the essence of mountains is a challenge, but it’s a challenge that I love! Mountains have such a regal magnificence, and it’s not easy to portray that in a painting.

I really wanted to capture the essence of one of my favorite mountains, Denali. Why is it my favorite? Probably because it is so gigantic and gorgeous! It is the largest mountain in North America! Alaskan natives named it Denali because it means “the great one.” You can’t beat a name like that so I titled my painting, The Great One.

Not everyone can pop up to Alaska and take a peek at Denali, and those that do travel all the way up there are often disappointed to find its summit covered in clouds even on a sunny day.

If you don’t have travel plans to view magnificent mountains, I made this painting into an art download just for you! You can have this painting as your computer wallpaper to enjoy any time you want! Sign up below so I know where to send it.